Cooperative Orineteering Map Creation based on Open Street Map

This page contains the manual and the necessary software for cooperative orienteering map creation.

User manual: COMO_manual_V1.1.pdf

Használati utasítás (Hungarian version of manual): COMO_haszn_utasitas_V1.0-revised.pdf

Documentation of Merkaartor editor:

Software and files for map creation
Complete package of Merkaartor editor for MS Windows with preinstalled ISOM style (Portable version)
(Simply unpack the zip file into C:\Program Files directory and SW ready for run)

Other versions of Merkaartor:

Supplementary files for ISOM map editing in other Merkaartor versions:

Software for map generation: Osmarenderer ISOM version

Software for contours generation: Srtm2Osm

Last update: 11.08.2012